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Discover How To Make Money Online with Ease, Even If You're Not An Internet Marketing Guru...

The Secrets of Making Money Online in Nigeria Revealed



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The secret of making money online in Nigeria generally in any trade or business opportunity is only revealed when you're selling or offering helpful products and services that convert to money. Would you like to create multiple streams of income that will make you money daily so you can be less dependent on your job or even quit your present job?

I mean it. Are you tired of struggling to make money online? If you answered yes to that, then ensure that you read through this article to get all the valuable insights shared. There are many proven ways of making money online in Nigeria with ease in the face of untold hardship ravaging the world economies, governments, organizations and companies where job security has become a joke.   

Making a living on the Internet with any choice of online business opportunities cannot be narrowed only to Internet marketing of affiliate products, online forex trading, web designing, Information marketing, name it...But wait a minute, do you know you can successfully sell anything...I mean sell anything on the Internet for profits especially when it has value to add or brings solution to the problems to your audience out there.

         Do you know that many people in Nigeria are already selling online hugely on physical products like books; hard copy and e-books, audios, videos, cars, trucks, properties, laptops, phones, Jewelries just name it; even the new generation herbalists are now selling their Jedi Jedi herbs online and people are buying them pretty well even on exports. Imagine that! Okay, in 2009 alone, I sold over 150 brand new laptops online using the power of online forum marketing strategy for a few local distributors of HP, DELL, TOSHIBA who are my friends and associates in business.

Okay, check out on the huge attraction of 'TV Reality Shows' and the associated huge online traffic during registrations for such events. Fantastic! You can actually work from home in Nigeria like I do; working for companies like Google Adsense, Plimus, Chitika, Yahoo Affiliate Program, ClickBank, Amazon, HubPages as an affiliate, selling other people's products and services as an affiliate from the comfort of your home, serious Nigerians online are legitimately doing it, buying goods from anywhere in the world and having them delivered by DHL, FEDEX or UPS to doorstep or assigned destination. And many more.

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We've got a complete video training series with Step by Step Practical Blue Print that you can comfortably watch offline on your pc/laptop titled: "Video Marketing" Secrets Exposed.  And "Newbie's Guide to Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing." These video series will show you how to professionally create, upload and distribute your videos to video sites and gain huge quality web traffic that converts like crazy and Affiliate marketing roadmap respectively.

Action Takers Make The Difference: "The truth remains that knowledge is power but only empowers when rightly applied."

You've got to be selling something of value and in demand. Period!

Yes, without menacing words, making money online in Nigeria could be a bit frustrating and quite competitive if driven with less accurate knowledge of what actually works [marketing strategies]. Why do I say so? I receive frequently; questions and comments on my hub and forum site from many folks trying to make money online in Nigeria with their respective blogs, articles and websites who still wondered if it is really true that one can earn a sustainable income from the Internet even amongst many who have attended several money making seminars and workshops including newbie's. What could be the problem, You ask? 

Answer: You just have to take the right action bone of result oriented information gathered. Not Magic. Not just wishes that will never earn you a dime. And you must kick away every procrastinations.

Straight to Business:

If you're among those serious fellows willing to quit struggling to make a good sustainable living on the Internet and start helping others to do the same and rake in daily online income just like Joel Comm, Ewen Chia, Yanik Silver, Brad Callen, Mike Corso, Dr. Sunny Obazu Ojeagbase, Akin Alabi, and many others to mention a few including my humble self. Even the known Gurus still read and learn to improve their minds. Then, you do good to ensure that you read all that is contained in this article.

Internet Marketing Strategies:

* Discover How to Make Money with Google, Amazon, and eBay in Nigeria with Ease.

* Web Traffic Generation Strategies that work- Online Traffic is Money.

* The Realities of Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria today.

1. I like to introduce the easiest ways to make money with Google Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon without even having a paid domain name or website of your own: HubPages amongst others is a free, safe and easy web publishing tool that allows anyone to write and publish articles as driven by his or her passions on any helpful topics of interest, this is also known as 'hubs' just like 'blogs' but a bit more simplified and enhanced with valuable features and tools to easily establish a web presence and bring in quality and targeted traffic on autopilot. "Online Traffic is Money" they say! HubPages got my vote when it comes to free, safe online publishing with a community that empowers you with the right knowledge and platform to make money online. I blog at Google Blogspot and hosted WordPress blog as well, and anyone can do same.

           Are you also aware of the new amazing and laziest way of making money on autopilot with parked domains on Google which is called "Adsense for Domains." In fact, you don't have to miss out on this great opportunity from Adsense. It's a bit technical to set it up, need not to worry if you'll be willing to learn how to do it the right way from Google Adsense Help. It's easy and simple. Read on.

Do you have registered and hosted domain names of yours yet unutilized, lying fallow or un-uploaded with designed WebPages? If you answered yes, then you can simply turn them into daily income generator with Sedo domain parking, Google Adsense for Domains quick start guide. Anyone can register domain names. If done rightly as stipulated by Google Help, Google will approve your parked domain with them  and will go live on the Internet with their must valued sponsored ads displaying on it within 24hrs of setup; like this one on "top web hosting review."   Also remember the rules; never click on your ads! They're only meant to help you provide concise, valuable, sponsored information on a page to your valued audience (visitors). Adsense is truly a super business model online.

2. I can boldly say and encourage you on the honest truth about the surest way to make it BIG on the Internet as an Information marketer or an online business owner is: selling your own information products, put together, nicely value added package and sell your own Private Label information products; areas of specialization notwithstanding. You can put down in writing your wealth of knowledge and experience in your profession, even your driving passions in a well packaged PDF, audio and video formats to sell them for profits especially when you make them very helpful and solution provider to the problems of your anticipated audience.

  • How To Sell Online In Nigeria - Tips:

I advise you to ensure you establish an automation for delivery [very important] of your info products when any payment is made on your website to avoid telling stories to people or been labeled as a scammer; putting your selling products/services on autopilot is a possibility after uploading them [files; e-book, audio and video] to your chosen web host, integrate and start accepting payments online from anyone with an InterSwitch, Verve or eTranzact powered ATM cards, Visa and Master Cards or Naira payments your websites, then automate delivery with any secured "online payment solution" providers like FasteCash, VoguePay, AlertPay. Interestingly, their respective shopping of the merchant accounts got the above mentioned payment gateways. It's amazing how it could be stress free doing just that.

       "You create a product, write a sales letter, put up a website and get traffic to the website. That is a guaranteed way to make money online, even in the offline world."

3. Stay focused and healthy in this business thereby doing the do's and avoiding the don't. In fact, there're things to avoid doing in order to stay long and lasting with sound credibility like the above mentioned personalities. There're some short cut and very uncertain online business opportunities you should never dive into, nor offer to people no matter the associated hyped dividends that only existed in the air or screen accounts. I laugh! It doesn't matter that you see a few or many into it at present.

The quest to quickly get indexed by Google, Yahoo and Bing with top placement; gaining UNBEATABLE online traffic, search engine traffic ranking, placement and positioning on major search engines with proven easy to use webmaster tools, article marketing, video marketing strategies, press release, online classifieds, Social networking [Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Buzz, etc], and Forum. 

You will find a sure proof screen shot below that this webpage you're reading now ranks number #1 on Yahoo search engine first page with over 26,500,739 competition on the search term or keyword phrase "making money online in Nigeria," as I write. It may interest you to check it out.

"We Teach What We Do" ...Just Be Willing To Learn and To Do. Patience is a great virtue to also cherish. 

You can actually gain over 2,000 targeted visitors daily on autopilot with quite impressive search engine traffic ranking on major search engines if you know the how to. I guess, that's the true desire of every webmaster, online business owner or Internet marketer. Targeted Web Traffic Is Guaranteed Income.



Article marketing is another sure way of getting quality backlinks to your blog, hub or website. Writing and submitting your articles to article directories like Ezinearticles.com, Articlebase and others will truly gain you relevance with the search engines directory also. So give it a try!

A word of advice! Do not spam the Internet community, else you could be stopped or banned by today's innovative Spam protection mechanisms. Be willing to learn, discover, invest, and implement on the same. The future is very bright for Nigerians online who are actually doing it ethically.                            

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You are responsible for your financial future and you need to do things differently and rightly from now on, your destiny is in your hands, so you must kick away every procrastinations; the core enemy of achieving success in life and keep taking the right action at all times.                    

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