Dear Newbie Affiliate Marketer,

Affiliate marketing has been proven well to be an assured online business model amongst numerous successful Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and newbies desiring to actually get equipped with the right information and tools. We're not really a huge fan of the word "newbie" to be honest but you certainly shouldn't take offence if you feel that you fall into this category - after all, everyone has to start somewhere. We only wish we had a step-by-step plan to follow when we first started out online several years ago. Would have made the process SO much simpler!

Anyhow....if you're still reading this page then you're obviously someone who wants to "make money online." You may well have tried a number of different money making methods and found that the only thing that happens is you spend money.

  • You may have followed any number of systems, methods or experts and still found that you are not making the money you hoped online.
  • You know the dream of Internet Marketing, a global market of millions if not billions of people, low costs and obscene profits. A dream of working at home, working when you want and making money whilst you sleep.
Before you read further, you need to know that this method we're going to reveal to you:
DOES NOT tell you how to make millions overnight
DOES NOT reveal magic formulas that only the greatest of gurus know
DOES NOT sell false promises
DOES NOT require you to spend a ton of money to get started, you can get started from anywhere in the world where there's a computer connected to an Internet connection.

  • What this system does do, and does VERY well is:
Teach you a method that absolutely works!
Show you a practical step-by-step method of EXACTLY how you can make money online
Explain the # 1 key to making money online
Show you how to build multiple streams of income
Help you to steadily increase your income from your online business

Don't be fooled - this system is very simple, yet very, very powerful. It can be done by absolutely anyone. In fact, if you can follow simple instructions then you can make this system work!

This guide is not padded out with fluff but is to the point, concise and completely step by step. You will be guided by the hand through how to use this system with every single term explained in plain English. Nothing is left out of the guide and everything is explained.

Often many new Internet Marketers are baffled by the technical terms bandied around by those in the know. This guide explodes these terms and tells you exactly what they mean and how they impact your online business.

Order right now and you can get your hands on this step-by-step blueprint for just $12 and start following the system immediately. Not only do you get this step by step guide, but you also get to register FREE for a Master Resale Rights License to this guide including this website and the graphics! This means you can sell it and keep every penny you make from the sales of this product itself.

Today is your opportunity to learn this powerful and effective system and make money from it. For just $12 you can be making money online quicker than you think with Dave and Aarons' Newbie's Guide To Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing.

MODULE #1 : 11 Step-By-Step Part Video Series
(Valued at $47.00]

  • Below is a brief list of the contents of this 11 part step-by-step video series:

Video 1 : Introduction To The Method

Learn the reality of making money online

Find out exactly what people are looking for when they make a purchase online

Learn the secrets behind how you make money online

Video 2 : Step 1 : What?

Learn what you need to do first to start being an affiliate marketer

Discover some of the best places to find programs to promote

Plus receive a guided tour of Clickbank marketplace

Video 3 : Step 2 : Setting Up Your Shop Front

Learn exactly what you need in order to make money online

Find out ways to get started as an affiliate marketer without spending a single penny!

Be guided through two highly recommended web hosts

Video 4 : Step 3 : Squeeze Pages

Learn the single biggest mistake most marketers make with squeeze pages

Understand exactly how to use a squeeze page for maximum results

Learn how to entice people to give you their email address and send your sign up rate through the roof!

Video 5 : Step 4 : The Selling Vehicle

Learn how best to sell products as an affiliate and get results

Discover how to maximize profit from your list

Find out how to create other streams of income from your selling vehicle

Video 6 : Step 5 : Make It Passive

Enjoy the gurus nectar and learn how you can turn your income into a passive stream of income

Learn how to boost your profits by using some often ignored real estate

Set your business on auto-pilot and move on to new income streams

Video 7 : Step 6 : The Gurus' Secret

Learn the missing link that 90% of marketers miss out that can dramatically increase your profits

Understand the importance of this step and why you can't afford to miss it

Realize the value of a second opinion

Video 8 : Step 7 : The Keywords

Learn why keyword research is so important and how you are LOSING MONEY if you don't do it

Understand how to find good keywords that you can quickly and easily rise to the top of the search engines

Be walked through research keywords in a niche

Video 9 : Step 8 : Pull Them To You

Learn how to get people to your site and make them want to buy

Understand the missing link to massive success that 99% of people miss out

Video 10 :Step 9 : Drive The Traffic

Learn one of the most effective ways there is to get targeted traffic

Discover how to free your time up so you can spend more time making money

Take action to start driving targeted traffic and look forward to making your first sale

Video 11 : Future Profits

Learn how to increase your profits and take this to the next level

Start to create passive streams of income to free up your time

Understand the real benefits of working online and what it can mean to you

  • This 11 part video series is over approximately 100 minutes in length and shows you every step of the way how to get up and running.


MODULE #2: Step-By-Step Video Companion Report
(Valued at $17.00]

Video Companion Supplementary Report:

This supplementary report is intended to be used alongside the videos as another resource to get you up and running quickly.


  • At just 12 BUCKS this is a bargain in anyone's language. We're not out to take your last dollar with this package - that's NOT our intention. We're here to help YOU succeed - if you will let us....

Those of you who know us, will already know that we LOVE to over deliver and this package is no exception. However, keep in mind this is only ONE method to making money via affiliate marketing. If you want a 400 page manual with all sorts of ways you can make money online and you're looking to chase your tail in a bid to make quick cash - then respectfully this product is NOT for you. Please DO NOT PURCHASE this package if that is you.

And remember - we said earlier that this is not some NEW and REVOLUTIONARY method to make quick cash - this is a method that has stood the test of time - and quite frankly WORKS!

So don't be surprised if you've heard about this method before - in fact you most likely have. What's different about this package is that it takes you by the hand and literally SHOWS you in exact step-by-step fashion how you can make it work for you.

So - now we've told you who this package ISN'T for, we'd better tell who it IS designed for. This package will be ideal for you if you:
Are struggling to put everything together and can't seem to even make your first dime online.
Don't have a lot of money to spend on things like PPC advertising and expensive additional software.
Aren't afraid of a little hard work as long as it will bring rewards in the end.
Are sick and tired of spending your hard earned cash on methods that simply don't work.
Want to see some level of success so that you can prove to yourself that you CAN succeed.

We're not going to try and sell this 12 buck package to you any further. You'll know by now if this is for you or not. If you're keen then you can order below and start putting the information into practice immediately. If not - then we thank you for your time and trust that you'll find the "magic bullet" you are looking for to make it big online. However, we DO strongly suggest that if you have yet to make any money online, then this guide is a great investment - totally your call though!

You gotta be kidding - right? You want bonuses on a 12 dollar video series that will literally take you by the hand and SHOW you a proven and tested method that ANYONE can use to earn money online?

Man - we've gotta be certifiably NUTS! But ok... here's the deal...

We DO in fact have a few surprise bonuses (remember we said earlier we LOVE to over deliver?), but we're not going to tell you about them here? Why? Because we DON'T want people to order this package for the bonuses alone. The bonuses are just that - bonuses.... You'll find them inside the companion report that comes as part of this package.

Ok - enough's enough... you can order this incredible package here.

Ok, I'm Ready To Follow The Step-By-Step Plan and Start Earning Money Online Now!

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You KNOW there are people making 6 figure incomes online. You know that you deserve to be making money online too and that you CAN do it. Here you have a system that works, and works really well; one that will let you make money online. We're NOT promising you'll make 6 figures from this technique alone but it will get you started that's for sure!

Now you too can benefit from the online marketplace and make lots of money with minimum overheads and tap into a thirsty global market of people hungry to spend money online. Take this opportunity today and you too can join the ranks of full time Internet Marketers.

We wish you all the best and every success in life.

Yours in success

Affiliate Marketing Team

Brought to you by,

Andrew Isiomah

[Internet Marketing Consultant]

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What have you got to lose? For less than the cost of a large pizza, you too can be making money online.

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Earnings Disclaimer

Although we personally believe that if you use our services and follow the step-by-step training,
you will be successful, we cannot guarantee any level of success or income. All potential income mentioned in the above sales letter is merely for informational purposes only and should not be taken literally nor should it be an indication of what you will earn. Each individual is different and therefore each individual's results will be different. Due to the extreme variation in backgrounds, time constraints or will to succeed - we can in no way guarantee that you will make any money.